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Large Flat Mop

Large Flat Mop

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This large flat mop features a self-contained dewatering scraper with a toothed comb to scrape off any hair or debris on the mop without the need of manually touching it. It also comes with a 126cm (49.60inch) stainless steel long handle, allowing for less bending and squatting and reducing physical strain.


The 360° freely rotating mop head reaches corners and tight spaces to ensure full hygiene. The package includes 2 microfibre pads, allowing the mop to absorb large amounts of liquid and dust. Suitable for various hard floors, it comes with a hook for easy storage and washing machine compatibility for the microfibre mats. Replace the mop head regularly and avoid bleach for best results.

It comes with an array of features that make cleaning easier and safer. Its self-contained dewatering scraper and toothed comb take care of hair and debris without you having to touch it, so no need to worry about hygiene. Its long stainless-steel handle is not only sturdier but also reduces physical strain. Its 360° rotation ensures that no dirt is left behind, even in the tight corners and spots.

With two microfibre pads included, the mop can absorb large amounts of moisture and dirt, perfect for any hard floor! Plus, it's easy to store with the hook, and the microfibre mats are washing-machine compatible. Keep your mop looking and functioning at its best with regular head replacement and no bleach. Cleaning made easy and hygienic!


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